T-CONTROL™ 10.25

T-CONTROL 10.25 yeast is an innovative solution used to control fermentation in dough (containing max. 5% sugar) at ambient temperature (10° to over 25°C) coupled together with a specific improver: T-CONTROL 10.25 improver.

Challenge and technical solution

Two clear trends are taking shape: traditionality and typicity on the one hand and freshly-baked bread on the other. Freezing and refrigeration are the main solutions providing positive responses to these trends. Nevertheless, they both entail constraints and investments.

In order to circumvent the problem of cold chamber storage space, while offering adequate assurances for production, Lesaffre has developed T-CONTROL 10.25 yeast. Use of this yeast, coupled with a special T-CONTROL 10.25 improver makes it possible to control fermentation in dough (containing max. 5% sugar) for up to 7 hours at ambient temperature.

This solution helps save time, increases flexibility and ensures safe production, while helping bakers to cut costs, mainly on electricity. Plus consumers have the guarantee of the taste, preserved freshness and quality of freshly-baked bread all day long.



Controls fermentation risks
Improves production management and facilitates logistics
Reduces waste and generates savings
Offers work flexibility and supple organisation by satisfying a greater demand.
Make T-CONTROL 10.25 part of your environmental approach as a solution for optimising your carbon footprint. Lesaffre, the responsible partner, always by your side.

Examples of applications

Lesaffre offers bakers a solution that ensures the quality of dough stored at ambient temperature (protection against crusting over, controlled-humidity proofing chamber, etc..). For producers with refrigerated lorries, the yeast is also developed to withstand the cold and guarantee top-quality dough throughout the process and up until delivery. T-CONTROL 10.25 yeast and improver have been developed to control fermentation for speciality breads (sandwich bread, country bread, pizza, etc..).


Application 1: Country bread

Comparison between products made using classic yeast with conventional improver and use of T-CONTROL 10.25 yeast and improver.

→ After 2 hours’ storage of dough at ambient temperature, the use of a classic yeast has its limits: loaf volume is irregular, too extreme and misshapen: the finished product is therefore unsaleable.

→ With the use of T-CONTROL 10.25 improver, optimum dough volume is reached after 1h30 mins, and is maintained for up to 6 hours of storage and above at ambient temperature.

→ Loaf shape is even, even after 7 hours’ fermentation.


Application 2: White bread


Comparison between a white bread made using a standard yeast and using T-CONTROL 10.25 yeast and improver for white bread. Dough fermentation and storage take place at ambient temperature (25°C):