An innovative yeast specifically developed for a long fermentation process to develop fruity, cherry, and amaretto like notes for breads and pastries.

Challenge and technical solution

Consumers increasingly demand tasty products and bakers want to bring innovation & personalization to their products.


During fermentation, yeasts play an essential role in the development of taste. Lesaffre has systematically explored the sensory profile of each of its yeasts to select those with the broadest aromatic potential, responding to the current and future demands of consumers around the world.


LESAFFRE FLAVORY™ AF1 yeast develops aromas of fruit and alcohol, an original aromatic signature that is very popular in many countries.


Original aromatic signature for bakers
Flexibility for bakers: adapted to a wide range of applications
Aromas naturally developed during fermentation
Taste consistency

Examples of applications

lesaffre flavory AF2

In order to enhance aromas’ development during fermentation with LESAFFRE FLAVORY AF1 yeast, it is highly recommanded to use the LESAFFRE FLAVORY AF1 FERMENTATION ENHANCER specifically designed